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I am a health and life coach. I work with people who struggle with weight loss. I help them lose weight without deprivation, so they can feel confident. 

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Offering  health and life coaching to help you become the best version of yourself. Start by scheduling a free discovery session to start making a plan for your future. 

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Lisa is fabulous!!  Her personality, her knowledge and her experience of going through the program herself is the complete package.  I always looked forward to each of our weekly sessions to be able to share my week and for her feedback and guidance for the next week.  Each session was filled with valuable information along with understanding and encouragement.  I met my initial goal and then some with Lisa’s wonderful health coaching.
– Debbi S

 “Lisa has a very warm, calm and inviting presence! She effectively coached me through a process, patiently waited for me to respond to each of her questions and I could tell by her responses that she was engaged while listening.” – Emily R

Coach Lisa is so kind, empathetic, and motivating! Her constant encouragement and active listening to what I was feeling really helped me feel positive about the transformation process especially during stressful times. I thank her for her willingness to support me and my goals and highly recommend her as a coach!!
– Raleighe O

 “I loved working with Lisa. She had a real-life experience working with her health and life coach. She coached me with love and compassion, she brought positive energy to the session. I felt comfortable and supported as a client. I would like to be her client in real life.” – Nonna G

“Lisa was very easy to work with. She’s very calm and she has some insight into this program already having worked with a health coach before. She’s very smart and I had a great session with her.” – Paula L 

“Lisa was great! very energetic and enjoyable to work with! her experience with her own transformation with her own health coach will serve her well in helping others achieve their goals. We had fun during our session and felt very comfortable engaging in conversation with each other. this beautiful women has a bright future ahead of her and i wish her the best of luck!” – Ashlee H

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